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If you’d like to learn more about Love Marble Hill’s community-lead proposal please email us at

You can also take Love Marble Hill’s Mini Survey

If you’d like to comment on English Heritage’s plans for The Park you can do so below, this is your chance to tell them what you like or dislike.

If you like Love Marble Hill’s community-lead proposal, why not tell English Heritage?

Do you think the woodlands should be retained with a programme of ‘best practice’ woodland management?

Would you like to see an Ecology Centre in The Park? If so please say.

Do you think English Heritage’s idea of fencing off between the house and river is a good thing. Or do you feel it would detract from the open space of The Park and our freedom to roam?

Is a 140 seat cafe in our local park a good thing or would you like to see a fully refurbished cafe on its existing footprint?

How do you feel about opening Marble Hill House to the community more, with high teas, small indoor events, boutique weddings and tea dances for example?

Would you like to see more focus on biodiversity in our park?

English Heritage’s Survey



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