Love Marble Hill

Love Marble Hill is a group of everyday Twickenham folk with a shared love of Marble Hill Park. Most of us are parents with full-time jobs. We are not affiliated with any political group.
Our campaign is focussed on creating a positive dialogue with English Heritage regarding future plans for our park. Over the last six months we have listened to park-goers, talked to English Heritage and examined, the recently pulled,  planning application in detail with the help of professionals.
We have leafleted, surveyed,  listened and talked to as many members of the community as possible and our community-lead park proposal is testament to that.
Last month, English Heritage invited Love Marble Hill onto its steering committee and we will continue to work alongside English Heritage with hopes of protecting the unique character and biodiversity of The Park going forward.
After all, Marble Hill Park is a community asset and has been since 1902. It is the largest park in Twickenham.  We understand that English Heritage want to make it pay for itself but that cannot come at any cost and without exploring all available options.




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